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Kicking Off Your ANPR Project

No matter what your thoughts are about what you want to achieve with an ANPR System, once you start getting into your Project you will have questions that you will not have thought about before.  

These are questions we have been asked – Will the system read Front or Rear Plates? What about Private Plates? Will the ANPR system read International Plates? How do we engage with our Staff and get them onboard? What about Staff Vehicles with Illegal Plates? What kind of Security Alerts can the System generate?  Can the system Count Vehicles and provide Occupancy Data?  Can an ANPR System integrate with our on-site Logistics Booking System

Initial Project Scoping Discussion

End Users will usually have a rough idea about what ANPR can do but will need additional information on options, parameters and capabilities to get a better understanding to form a conceptual plan.  We can discuss and help define what your site needs and answer all of your questions.

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Project Planning

• Operational Specification 
• Application Needs
• Integration Options / Requirements with third party systems
• Site Survey – Will your plan work for your site?
• Staff Engagement
• Project Budget

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System Design

The Systems design will depend on your Project needs along with Site Assessment, Planning and Defining Hardware and Software Needs.  Basic ANPR Systems find plates and provide the results, the Application Software makes Decisions and effects Actions.

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Selecting a System Provider

The Experience and Competence of your Provider will be key along with the Hardware and Software Selection offered. Contract Terms for the Recognition System Performance are needed for your protection.  User Training and Robust After Sales Support are also fundamental for a Successful Project.

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Working for You and your Team,  we can help you make the right decisions and get the ANPR System Solution you need, without stress, aggravation and unforseen costs.


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