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ANPR and other Cognitive Technologies are playing an increasing role helping to secure, protect and manage a wide range of facilities, but we all know that technology can be unpredictable and it does not always live up to our expectations.  

This can be because the technology itself is imperfect, not suitable for the job, incorrectly designed, installed or deployed, and let’s not forget the human interaction factor.

Buying an ANPR System can be one of the riskiest buying transactions any business will make.  The level of risk and potential downstream fallout costs are directly in line with the scale of the Project in terms of cost, the number of cameras to be used, and complexity of the application software. 

We can help guide your team to success with on-tap expert advice for an hour or two, or from Project beginning to end as part of your in-house team or resource.

ANPR Solutions that work for you

If you are thinking about an ANPR project to help manage your Staff and Visitor Access to your facility or add an extra layer of Security, our wealth of experience can save you time, unseen costs, disruption and aggravation.  We work directly for End Users, Architects and Consulting Engineers, Systems Integrators & Technology Business Acquirers & Investors.
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Who needs a consultant & why?

Who are you buying from and what is their experience.  How protected are you if the system does not do what you expect?


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Working for you

We can be ‘on your side’ for only the time that you need us with no long-term commitments.  We are experienced in ANPR Applications, Projects,  Quotes,  Specifications, Technical Terms and Contracts. 

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How does it work?

If you are new to ANPR and want to understand how the technology works in plain language click here.  



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